New Zealand


The adrenaline junkie’s utopia. You name it, Queenstown’s probably got it – skiing, snowboarding, BMXing, luge, paragliding, mountain biking, skateparks, clay pigeon shooting, whitewater rafting, canyon swings, bungies, some new fangled water jet/hoverboarding, skydiving etc. etc… Planning your activities is a tricky exercise though when your skydive is repeatedly postponed to the next day due to the weather.

The side of the airstrip was as far to leaping out a plane as I got. Being in the third of three groups and watching the first go up, fall back to earth, and then having the instructor call the rest of the day (and the week) off brings a whole new meaning to the word,  anticlimax.



A breathtaking place with fjordscapes so dramatic they’re hard to compute.

Sea kayaking will get you within touching distance of the vast granite surfaces and make you feel very, vey small in the process.

Bobbing up and down in a kayak and in low light are hardly the most ideal conditions to take a sharp photo, not that this Fiordland crested penguin, or Tawaki (Maori), was bothered. They’re a threatened species and apparently the second rarest penguin on the planet.



Saturday March 1st, 2.00pm: a pleasant autumn day, 18°C

Saturday March 1st, 2.10pm: hail and snow for the rest of the afternoon

The downside: being the wrong end of town, extremely ill-prepared

The upside: uber photogenic scenery



Wai-O-Tapu Geothermal Wonderland


Waimangu Volcanic Valley


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