Here’s a few resources for pre-trip and mid-trip to make planning your voyage an easier affair.

Moving Around

SkyScanner – The go-to space for hunting down the best flight deals.

Roundtheworldflights – You’ll be amazed how cheaply you can fly around the world. Lots of flexible packages and routes available.

Seat61 – A one stop shop for global train travel. This site has everything from routes, where to buy tickets and timetables.

AirAsia – Where scarcely believable deals exist.

Sleeping Around

Hostelworld – My most used site.

Hostelbookers – A good alternative to the above but the site’s nowhere near as user-friendly.

Lastminute – Treat yourself to hotel with warm water and soft towels, go on, you deserve it.


OandA – Want that totally unique and one-off wooden carving of a Buddha playing the banjo? This will ensure you don’t get completely ripped off.

FCO – A great resource for visa requirements, and whether you’re about to fly into a civil war.

TripAdvisor – Anti food-poisoning advice and recommendations amongst other things, and tips for when you’re at a loss for things to do.

WorkAway – Work your way around the world in exchange for food and accommodation.


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